Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hospital Visit.

Well its as we thought really Nik has to have a Cardiac Catheterisation / Coronary Angiography in other words having a look inside with dye and camera ..... the good thing is as the tablets seem to be controlling it this isn't classed as urgent so he may have to wait until March as their fully booked ... They want him to have this done as he is still getting chest pains so they want to check he has no blocked Arteries ..... once again he was told definitely no work or Driving and to take it easy .... think they need to stamp that on his forehead ..... so we still really don't know what the problem is.
I suppose looking at it is they cant think its to urgent or the Angiography would have been done much sooner.
Then on the other hand its the waiting to find out what is wrong.
Its very hard to see the Man you love who always used to be so strong as weak as a Kitten sometimes.
I know he finds it hard as he has worked hard from the Age of Nine , so hes always been used to hard work.
Not being able to drive is another thing he cant get used to yet , having spent years as a Lorry Driver hes always been used to Driving.
Hes not very keen on others Driving  , keeps telling me to slow down or brake sooner lol.

So today has been a bad day for #f450 tomorrow is another day.