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Big Yellow Friday on

How many people know what Big Yellow Friday is I must admit I did not know until one of our members on told me as her Grandaughter Olivia was born with billiary atresia which is a form of liver disease. In most cases fatal a liver transplant is now classed as paliative treatment and not a cure in again most cases , see my blog for more Information about Olivia but here is some information about Big Yellow Friday
she was born with billiary atresia which is a form of liver disease.

Big Yellow Friday couldn’t be more simple! Organise or take part in a fundraising event - large or small – on, or around, Friday, 6 March 2009 based on the theme of yellow.

These web pages should give you everything you need to organise or take part in Big Yellow Friday 2009.

* Visit 'Get Involved' to see the fun to be had and why CLDF needs your help.
* Visit 'Your Event' to find out what you can do, what support is available and how to make the most of your fundraising.
* The 'Event Guides' will give you top tips on organising a fantastic fundraising event.
* 'Materials and Downloads' is the home for invitations, posters and all the other things you might want to use in Big Yellow Friday 2009!
We are supporting this cause on see Atwickwich Penny Auction which is being held for this event ... 14895.html

For more Information on Chidrens Liver Disease
Childrens Liver Disease Foundation

Suffolks Auction Site

Since we started our Auction Site at the end of September a lot has happened , first things was the fact I had to give up my cleaning job after having a Accident and hurting my back.
Cleaning and bad backs do not go together ask anyone who does cleaning I bet they have back problems , oh dear getting a bit side tracked there.
Then the worst thing to happen was I lost my Dad suddenly on November 6th which was very hard for me but then anyone who has lost someone I'm sure you understand.
After that I just threw myself into our Auction Site which for me was the best way to handle it , I have spent all my time working on the Site and Advertising the Site.
We now have 67 Members and 3185 live Auctions and rising we have a wide range of Items from Collactable Postcards , Avon, Party Inflatables , Vinyl LPS / Singles , Wedding Accessories, Bits and Bobs , Tibetan Jewellery / Fashion Jewellery , Clothes , Books , VHS , DVDS, First Edition Stamps , Incense, Acrylics, Craft Items , Alternative Therapies , Vinyl Signs / Decals , Stockings/ Tights , Children's Handmade Personalized Gifts , Hand Made Soaps , Baby Toys , Re Born Babies.
I think we have something for everyone a lot of our members are having Sales at the moment so great time to grab a bargain.

We are all so Supporting the Penny Auctions which are featured on Pheebay these Auctions are run to try to get more people aware of the Smaller Auction Sites that there is more choice out there, people don't not just have to look at Ebay now. These Auctions are not a con they are a genuine cause for the smaller Auction Sites to Advertise the fact that they exist
If you click onto the link below it will take you to Pheebay where you can find out more about the Penny Auctions. ... 37&start=0 Link to this Post.

Below is what Administration on Pheebay say about the Penny Auctions.
Many of our home page articles receive 1000+ unique visitors within days of publication. Our articles are indexed usually within minutes by Google blogsearch and are often included in the main Google web index the same day. So how can we capitalize upon this exposure?

Obviously people find our content by searching by keywords so I'm considering starting a weekly article highlighting "penny auctions".

If there are venues (or sellers) interested in getting this FREE publicity, we will run a thread in the forum for people to tell us about their penny auctions. All of the auctions starting that week will be included in the weekly article.

The idea is that we publish the article each Monday and include details of auctions that started the previous Sunday with a 1p/1c opening bid that will finish the following Sunday.

Each article will cater for up to six listings on a first come first served basis and a description paragraph will be included in the article (plus a link) for each listing.

The qualifications I envisage would be:

1) Item must have a realistic retail value of IRO GBP7/ $10
2) Start Bid must be 1c or 1p
3) Only auctions (no fixed price or buy now option)
4) Duration to be 7 days - 10 days or 14 days - Sunday to Sunday.
5) No "adult" type items

Obviously there is a risk that the seller/venue might sell an item for less than they would like but hopefully the publicity gained will make that bearable even if it happens.
Below is some more useful Links to the Penny Auctions.
Penny Auctions Penny Auctions Promotion

Rainbowseeker Antiques Weblog