Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Yellow Friday on

How many people know what Big Yellow Friday is I must admit I did not know until one of our members on told me as her Grandaughter Olivia was born with billiary atresia which is a form of liver disease. In most cases fatal a liver transplant is now classed as paliative treatment and not a cure in again most cases , see my blog for more Information about Olivia but here is some information about Big Yellow Friday
she was born with billiary atresia which is a form of liver disease.

Big Yellow Friday couldn’t be more simple! Organise or take part in a fundraising event - large or small – on, or around, Friday, 6 March 2009 based on the theme of yellow.

These web pages should give you everything you need to organise or take part in Big Yellow Friday 2009.

* Visit 'Get Involved' to see the fun to be had and why CLDF needs your help.
* Visit 'Your Event' to find out what you can do, what support is available and how to make the most of your fundraising.
* The 'Event Guides' will give you top tips on organising a fantastic fundraising event.
* 'Materials and Downloads' is the home for invitations, posters and all the other things you might want to use in Big Yellow Friday 2009!
We are supporting this cause on see Atwickwich Penny Auction which is being held for this event ... 14895.html

For more Information on Chidrens Liver Disease
Childrens Liver Disease Foundation

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