Sunday, January 24, 2010

#F450 My Update.

Well Since Thursday we have had up and down days , Hubby seems to have a couple of good days then a couple of bad days.
He is still finding it hard not being able to do things , roll on when he has the Cardiac Catheterisation / Coronary Angiography done.

As for the #F450 I have been walking Two or more miles a Day and still not comfort eating which has been really hard.
For years when ever I've got stressed / worried etc I've comfort Eaten now I'm trying really hard to keep away from the lovely Biscuits / Chocolate etc instead eating more Fruit and Vegetables.

Attached to this post is a link to Grethic Grethicia Blog who is doing so well on the #F450 much better than I'm doing , so well done to Grethic. 

Well its now Wednesday and I have been rather re miss on updating my #F450 , we have been having quite a few bad days. 
Today I managed a 2 and half mile walk , its been so very hard but I'm still not comfort eating.
Its so easy when your down or stressed to reach for the biscuits or chocolate and when your trying not to do that its so hard.
One good thing the Dogs are really enjoying their extra walks. 


As you see above are a few pictures of Mickey & Patch , Mickey is our Rescue Dog he was dumped by someone. We don't know much about Mickey , the Rescue Kennel we got him from gave him that name.
We don't really know how old he is or even what breed he is, to us he looks like a little fox. Or if anyone remembers him Basil Brush that's who Mickey reminds me off.
Patch is our 2yr old Parsons Jake Russel Terrier , he has longer legs than a Jake Russel and can he run.
We have had Patch from a Puppy , and him and Mickey get on so well.

As for the #f450 yes I'm still cutting down and still walking two or more miles a day.
Nik says I have lost weight and I know my Jeans feel loser.

Nik has his date for the Cardiac Catheterisation / Coronary Angiography he has the pre op on the 26th February and the op on the 3rd March by the time that date comes round we will be Nervous Wrecks.
I'm trying not to think of that Date by keeping busy , I just wish we could get some sleep. 
Its very hard when you go to Bed to keep your mind still and not think of things.

Later today (24th February)  Nick  has a Appointment with our Doctor just a check up before his
Cardiac Catheterisation / Coronary Angiography on the 3rd March.
On Friday (26th February) he has his Appointment for his pre op.
Just lately he seems to be getting really tired , which we have been told is normal.
I know Nick is getting fed up with it and hes been really down , its hard when you have worked since the age of  9 years old to all of a sudden not be able to even walk upstairs without getting out of breath.

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