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Paradise Tondo - Romero Britto - Limited Edition (Auction ID: 192929, End Time : Jul. 13, 2010 05:31:23) - Okbidnow Auction Site

Paradise Tondo - Romero Britto - Limited Edition (Auction ID: 192929, End Time : Jul. 13, 2010 05:31:23) - Okbidnow Auction Site

Paradise Tondo - Romero Britto Limited Edition

Information for this artwork is supplied from the Certificate of Authenticity as well as the signed and dated Appraisal from Park West Gallery which are both included with the sale of this wonderful print.
Romero BrittoParadise Tondo (3-D) 2007
20" x 20"
Framed in glass with Britto Mat - Finished Size: 30 1/2" x 30 1/2"
Three-Dimensional Serigraph construction in color with cut-outs in serigraphy. Signed in pencil lower left. From the numbered edition of 750 (8 artist's proofs also exist).
Condition: Excellent / Fine - Never displayed
This sale includes the COA and Appraisal.
This item comes from an estate and is being sold for a client. Please click on the thumbnail photos below for larger images.

Romero Britto is a Brazilian neo-pop artist, painter, serigrapher, and sculptor. He combines stereotyped elements of cubism, pop art and graffiti painting in his work. He is known for his contemporary work. Britto currently lives in Miami, Florida, where his art can be seen in many parts around the city. Britto has one main art gallery in Miami, on South Beach on Lincoln Road.

Once he settled in Florida, Britto worked on the streets in Coconut Grove, where he gained great popularity with the wealthy community. He has done portraits of Roger Federer, Dustin Hoffman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, Gloria Estefan,Michael Jackson, Andre Agassi, Eileen Guggenheim, David Rockefeller, and Senator Ted Kennedy, as well as dozens of other societal, political and entertainment figures.

Britto has been a fixture in the international marketing scene since 1989, when he was commissioned by Absolut Vodka to design a bottle label for a company advertising campaign - another proof of his being fed by the marketing tanks. Following this, Britto's whimsical cartoon style art was consistently sought-after for commissioned by major corporations for large-scale murals, sculptures and product logos around the world. He has recently been requested for commissions by companies such as Disney and Evian.

Britto met Olivier Doria d'Angri in Miami in 1997 when Olivier bought a big salsa sculpture and commissioned him a great colorful work delivered personally by Romero and Roberta Britto in 1998. Since then Olivier Doria backed Romero to enter the London Art scene and European theatre helping him to have shows at Christie's and Institut Latino American in Monte Carlo and introducing him to the financial community. Olivier pushed Romero to enter the Brazilian home turf and advised him to do art works related to football Brasil and Pele'.

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