Tuesday, January 19, 2010

F40 Fit for Fifty.

Today was a bad Day I had to take my Son to the Hospital Orthodontist and was there longer than I thought we would be.

So today once again I managed a Two Mile Walk with the Dogs , which they loved.

I've still managed to lay of the Biscuits and Chocolate , which for me is good.

Tomorrow Hubby and I are not looking forward to it as he has a Appointment  with the Cardiology Specialist , both of us are getting very stressed out about this.

We have a feeling they may suggest Surgery , we will just be glad when tomorrow is over.


After a tough day yesterday we both felt tired neither of us slept much.
So today I managed a two mile Dog walk and thats it.
I'm still cutting out biscuits & chocolate , well done me as that's a tough one for me.
Normally if I'm stressed out I comfort eat on the old biscuits etc.


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