Monday, January 18, 2010

#f450 Means Fit for Fifty

#f450 Well I haven't done as well as Grethic who has today managed morning and afternoon 1 mile walks.
She rode to and from work which was 7.54 miles and this evening she is playing Badminton , my goodness really puts me to shame.

#f450 Today I went on two 1 mile walks with my Dogs and I laid of the Biscuits & Chocolate, it doesn't sound much does it.
Its a start , not easy at all to cut out things you really like.

Another reason I want to try the #f450 is in November (last year )  Hubby was told he has Heart Problems.
So we have really had to re think our Diet  , I got a Bread Maker and make my own Bread .
At least you can watch how much Sugar /Salt is in your own Bread.
We have cut out Red Meat and no Ready Meals , instead more Vegetables and Fruit.
More Fish , Chicken and Turkey. 

I think now we really have to make more of an effort Health Wise.

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